Thursday, 15 November 2012

Raining Blobs(Oakville Blobs)

On the 7th of August 1994, it began to rain in Oakville, Washington, at 3:00 AM.

As common as rain was in the area, the residents began to notice that this wasn't really rain, but instead was a gelatinous substance that they had never seen before.

For the next three weeks, the rain continued to fall for a total of 6 times.

An officer, David Lacey, had said that when the 'rain' first started to fall, he was on patrol with a civilian friend. He said that when he turned his windshield wipers on, the rain smeared, rather than washing off. He then had to pull into a gas station to attempt to clean it manually, although he put on a pair of latex gloves to be safe. He describe the texture of the substance to feel like jelly, and to be very mushy.
Later that afternoon, David and many other residents had suddenly become violently ill. They described the sickness as having difficulty breathing, extreme vertigo, blurred vision, and a sense of nausea. Another resident of the area said that everyone in town contracted a flu-like illness that lasted two to three months.

Additionally, several cats and dogs that had come into contact with it also got sick, but died.

Another resident, Dotty Hearn, was found sprawled out on her bathroom floor, conscious but very weak, after an hour of first noticing her symptoms. Her daughter, Sunny Barclift, described Dotty as feeling very cold and sweat-drenched and very pale. Dotty was taken to a hospital and stayed there for 3 days.

While Dotty was being taken to hospital, Sunny remembered the odd rain, and thinking that it had some connection to her mother's illness, took a sample and sent it off to the hospital. A lab technician examined it and found human white blood cells in the sample, but had no idea how they could have gotten in a substance that came from the sky.

The sample was then sent to the Washington State Department of Healthy for further study. A Microbiologist  named Mike McDowell noted that the substance was teeming with 2 species of bacteria, one that lives in the human digestive system.

Due to Mikes findings, the substance was immediately thought to be from an airline human waste system, however this was disproved due to the fact that all human waste from planes is to be coloured blue, and this substance was clear, and that pilots are not allowed to release the waste system while flying.

After another sample managed to get to a research lab called AmTest Laboratories, a researcher called Tim Davis, another microbiologist, believed that he saw a eukaryotic cell; a complex, nucleus-containing cell that is present in most living creatures. This meant that the substance is or had been alive.

One theory about the rain's origins is that the military's naval bombing runs at sea had accidentally destroyed a school of jellyfish, and sent their pieces flying into the atmosphere, only to come back and settle in Oakville, 50 miles inland. However, the idea of this was very much doubted by the residents, due to the distance they would have to travel, and the fact that there was no rotting smell.

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