Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Boogeyman

The Bogeyman, also known as Boogeyman, Boogieman, and Bogieman, is an imaginative creature used by parents to scare children in order of compliance.

In the most common adaption of the Bogeyman, parent's would tell them that if they did not sleep, or if they did not comply to something, that the Bogeyman would come and take them while they were asleep.

This would cause most children to be afraid of their closet and/or under their bed, as these were the places they suspected the Bogeyman would come from.

The Bogeyman has also been known as another term for the Devil.

Some interesting concepts behind the existence of the Bogeyman is that of Thoughtform.

A Thoughtform is a being or apparition that exists upon the belief of it's existence. Some believe that through many minds believing in the existence of one thing, their is a form of mind power that can cause the idea to come to be.

Another similar idea is that Thoughtforms are created based on fear, or negative energy. It could also be that certain spirits or ghosts that feed off of negative energy, take shape of whatever fear that they are feeding from.

In some other countries, the Bogeyman is called the Sack Man, due to the fact that he would carry a sack to take children away. There have been several adaptions in television and movies from this idea, such as those below.
This is a character called Oogie-Boogie. He is one of the Antagonists from the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. He is made out of a sack, and is an expert on kidnapping people.

From this we can see an adaption of the Sack Man in the character. It also to note that the children in the movie are afraid of him, and he shows the same characteristics as you would expect the Bogeyman to show.

This character is known as CandleJack, he is an antagonist in a children's cartoon in which he would kidnap children if any of them said his na

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