Monday, 12 November 2012

Shadow People

When you are sitting down somewhere, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a flash, or a shift in the darkness. You look towards where you saw the flicker, only to find that nothing is there.

Most people dismiss this as nothing, however there is a supernatural explanation for this; Shadow People.

According to believers, they are shadow-like humanoid figures, and can only be viewed by your Peripheral vision.

They are generally believed to be evil and aggressive, although there are few who believe them to be Guardian Angels.

In the United States, Shadow People have been described as the most regularly reported paranormal phenomena.

A paranormal researcher named Heidi Hollis was interviewed several times, and she said she believes that shadow people have always existed, and that they feed
upon fear, and can be repelled by positive thinking.

There are others who believe that shadow people are
extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe.

Below is an email regarding a personal shadow people experience in which the person caught a picture of what appears to be a shadow person.

I have always bumped into shadows ever since we've lived here. Everyone laughed at me until one Thanksgiving when my daughter took a picture of her boyfriend. When she showed me the picture, she said, "What is that?" In the photograph, she was referring to a tall, black, perfect shadow of a  man with smoke coming out of his head that was swirling and went up to the ceiling. So scary looking. I said,"That's the shadow man that I've been seeing". Now, they all believe me and now he is almost constantly around in my bedroom.
It is the same story as everyone else that's written in: darker than dark, fear of someone watching even if you don't see him and they are outside also.
Too much to write about. I just wanted people to know they're really out there. If anyone wants more info or can help me get rid of them, please let me know.

The picture was sent in with the email

Both email and picture were taken from here.

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