Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Devil's Footprints

An intriguing case of the Paranormal is that of the Devil's Footprints. The name was given to the phenomenon that happened during February 1855 in South Devon, England. Shortly after the occurring of a heavy snowfall, mysterious hoof-like marks appeared overnight in the snow,  and covered a total distance of 40-100 miles. The footprints were called this because many believed these were the tracks of Satan.

The hoof marks mostly measured to be around 4 inches long, three across, and between eight and sixteen inches apart, and usually in a single file. They had been reported from over thirty different places across Devon and some in Dorset.

An particularly interesting thing about these tracks is that all obstacles including houses, rivers and haystacks were traveled straight over, and there were footprints appearing on top of the snow-covered roofs and even walls that lay in the path of the footprints.

There had also been rumors of 'sightings'.

Apparently, a few people had seen a "devil-like figure" in the Devon area during the incident.

Primary and Secondary source material of evidence has been collated by a noted researcher Mike Dash into a paper entitled: The Devil's Hoofmarks: Source Material on the Great Devon Mystery of 1855, and was published
in Fortean Studies in 1994.

Many theories have been concluded to explain this incident.
The suggestion of "an experimental balloon" was one, which
was apparently released by mistake from Devonport
Dockyard, and had been trailing 2 shackles on the end of it.

Although many theories have been created to explain this
situation, what in fact did make these prints still remains a

Source: The Devils Hoofmarks

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